Friday, February 03, 2006

My First Show!

The proper way to read this is to read all the text and click on the links to view the matches. If you want to find out more about the wrestlers click here


It was Monday night. And all the fans eagerly awaited the first match. The Inferno Dome was packed to capacity as the fireworks went off and the music kicked in. On televisions all over the world people heard the voices of Ryan Brenneman and his announcing partner, Former champion, 'Table Man' Tom Lee welcome everyone.

Ryan Brenneman: "Hello and welcome to Monday night Inferno! We apologize to everyone because we do not have the match line-up card tonight."

Tom Lee: "That's right Ryan. Normally we have a meeting thirty minutes before Inferno with the manager of Inferno Jack Pocus.
But tonight he was not in he office."

Ryan Brenneman: "This should make for an interesting Monday night."

Liberty's Kid Vs. Kawabunga

Back near the entrance way, A man was about to make his entrance. He had short brown hair and was in his late thirties. he
wore a grey suit and He was also paralyzed from the waist-down. He held in his hand a piece of paper that contained the
knowledge of who would be wrestling tonight. As he slowly wheeled his wheelchair around the final turn to the ring, The
Inferno theme kicked in on the house system.

Ryan Brenneman: "It's Jack Pocus!"

Tom Lee: "Maybe he has the line-up card."

Jack Pocus: "Hello everyone, and welcome to The Inferno Dome! I'm going to be straight with you. Tonight Jake Sanders was
supposed to get his heavyweight title shot against Big Mike Slater... Well it turns out that He has had some 'family
problems' and he is not here tonight. But to keep the Heavyweight belt, Michael Slater must defend his title tonight-"

Suddenly a heavy eighties guitar riff came on the loud speakers. Once everyone heard the
music everyone knew who it was.

Tom Lee: "Here comes the World champion!"

Mike Slater grabbed the mic that was handed to him, and proceeded to question Jack Pocus

Mike Slater: "So you're just gonna take my title Jack? You're just gonna take it because of this tiny little difficulty?
I'd like to see you try!"

Jack Pocus: "I was getting to the soloution of this 'tiny little difficulty' before I was so rudely interupted Michael.
Tonight, The 1st contender (Jake Sanders) has suceeded his rank by default to The 2nd contender... Berserk!

Tom Lee: "Whoa!"

Jack Pocus: "That's right! for the first time tonight, Michael Slater will take on Berserk! Oh, and Mike, Tell your brother
James that he also has a match tonight against Pyro Maniac for a shot at the World Cruiserweight Championship."

Ryan Brenneman: This is an amazing turn of events! Pyro Maniac and James Slater, tonight, one-on-one! For a shot at
the World Cruiserweight Championship.

Jack Pocus then wheeled his way back up the entranceway and Michael followed. Jack stopped by the announcers desk to give
them the line-up card.

Justin Jones VS. Lance Camelot

Emily D'Mico Vs. Ashley Rothchild

Pyro Maniac VS. "Jumpin" James Slater for a title shot next week

Michael Slater Vs. Berserk for the World Championship

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The W.W.L. (World Wrestling League)

This will soon be my own Pro-wrestling show. I will be creating my own wrestlers with a Video Game and write the in-between stories in the post. It will be up soon.